Bruderer BSTA 50HL presses, 23851/53

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Bruderer BSTA 50HL presses, 23851/53

Two used Bruderer BSTA 50HL high speed punching presses;

50 tons nominal capacity.

Adjustable stroke 16 - 51 mm.

Ram adjustment 64 mm max.

Speed range 100 to 1120 SPM max ~ strokes per minute.

Bolster clamping area 940 mm x 650 mm.

Max tool loading width 950 mm.

Fitted with roll feed BBV 202/120 on left-hand side.

Max width of strip 200 mm. Feed angle 180.

Max feed length 120 mm.

Oil cooler. Spring feet dampers.

Front and rear safety guards.

Weight of machine approx 8500 kgs.


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